Euth | Closet Witch [Split]

by Closet Witch

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Chris Nowotny
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Chris Nowotny I own the cassette but fuck it , the split so nice I had to buy it twice Favorite track: Closet Witch - Civil Necessity.
Fred F.
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Fred F. Sonic honesty. The abject intensity of this music is crushing. I enjoyed this release thoroughly and now must go seek out everything else they've released. Favorite track: Closet Witch - Nekhbet.
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released August 1, 2016

Closet Witch is
Vocals: Mollie Piatetsky
Guitars: Alex Crist
Bass: Cory Peak
Drums: Royce Kurth

Recorded and "Mixed & Mastered" by Alex Crist
Special Thanks to anyone who has ever helped or supported us.

Euth is
Vocals: James Reed
Guitar: Nate Fitzgerald
Bass: Niko Kolis
Drums: Adam Croft

Recorded and Mixed By:
Todd Wilcox, Halogen Sound Studios
Mastered By: Brad Boatright, Audiosiege



all rights reserved


Closet Witch Iowa


  • Aug 25
    Iowa City, IA

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Track Name: Closet Witch - Funeral Regrets
wasted my cash on nothing. Wasted my life on nothing. Wasted my youth not trying. Wasted my time by lying . Faced with what i should and should not do with things that may or may not -- matter to anyone but my fucking self, and do no good, crying-crying. What is the point in trying fail after fail, uninspiring. How can I keep trying when I take no pleasure? I will keep on trying when there is no pleasure - I will keep on trying even with no pleasure and I'll eat all of this pain. Every thing that has kept me moving forward seems to be getting further and further away.
Track Name: Closet Witch - Civil Necessity
don't judge- don't judge what you see- don't judge- I just want to feel sweet freedoms on the back of my knees. -- I'm going to wear my favorite dress tonight, I'm going to feel air between my thighs. -- short skirt, I don't care. If you can see my underwear. Mind your business, keep your vocal thoughts clean. Don't you go disrespecting any body.
Track Name: Closet Witch - Nekhbet
Pry your way under my skin. Make your nest within my eyes
I will sleep here forever. Solemn, to never cut ties

Make your nest, your light within my eyes. Lay down your young I will mother your world

Your children feast upon my rotting flesh and they scream - Sanctuary. I will take care of your fragile world - I will, I will mother your world

And I will be a savoir, like Jesus a light, so pure and followed by many. Just me and only I

More, More, More - Eat Children Eat
Feast, Feast, Feast - Feast Children Feast

I, a lamb of the slaughter
A child of my father
And I am a God among so many

Now, I am a god among so many